Genesee Crossing Project Kicks off in Utica


By: Sarah Blazonis | Story Created: 07/23/2012 01:05 PM

UTICA, N.Y. — The saying “home is where the heart is” will soon take on a new meaning for dozens of low-income families in Utica.

Officials at the groundbreaking for the new Genesee Crossing housing complex say while there’s currently a large quantity of housing for those families, options often lack in quality.

This revitalization project will tear down blighted and deteriorated buildings in three city neighborhoods and build new, affordable housing that residents can take pride in.

“It’s very difficult for a lot of investors to put the appropriate money in to make sure that they’re going to get a return on their investment. This project in particular allows us to put the appropriate amount of money into it and really put in high quality, new units that are going to be useful for the next more than 50 years,” said Ben Lockwood, director of development for Housing Visions.

Five units will be specially designated for veterans in danger of becoming homeless.