Housing Visions Work Culture

Neighborhood revitalization is like any worthwhile endeavor; you’ve got to believe before it can be. When you can see the vision and believe, success is virtually guaranteed. At Housing Visions, we offer the plans and the people that will allow you to envision a neighborhood reaching new heights, and the residents of these neighborhoods reaching their full potential. We invite you to join our team as we work to make sustainable change, together.

Below, our staff details some of the reasons why Housing Visions is a great place to work!

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What has your career journey been like before and including Housing Visions?

“Before coming to HV, I spent 12 years as a Store Manager with a few different retail corporations. I wasn’t sure what to expect; would the skills I’d built over the years translate? What if it takes some time for things to “click” for me? A few weeks in, I came to the realization that diversity is one of HV’s greatest strengths. We all have our own stories, our own journeys. What brought us here is our shared vision of making a positive difference.”

~ AJ Sissenstein, Assistant Property Manager

Housing Visions staff attending our annual BBQ Happy Hour Fundraiser

What do you enjoy about your day to day tasks?

“I enjoy that I can always keep busy…I love being able to help those in need of safe, affordable housing, and I love that I get to interact with the community, whether applicants or caseworkers. It is always nice to hear that I listened to those in need and have done what I can in my own capacity to assist in changing their lives for the better.”

~ Jennifer St. Mark, Multifamily Portfolio and Lease Up Manager

How do your coworkers and supervisors help you accomplish your goals?

“We root for each other. I feel like because our culture is so strong, we are never going to let another fall down. There is always someone in my corner, and I know I am that same support for the co-workers who need me most too.”

~ Melody Susco, Asset Manager

Housing Visions staff cleaning the landscaping at VanKeuren Square for United Way’s Day of Caring
Maintenance Superintendent Victor Santos receiving his 5 years of service plaque

How has the organization helped your professional development?

“When I came into Housing Visions I had not worked in an Accounting department before.  With no experience it can be hard to get your foot in the door.  They gave me a chance and have helped me improve my knowledge and performance at my job.”

~ Joan Norris, Accounts Payable Clerk

What do you feel about Housing Visions’ benefits package?

“I love having four weeks of vacation to adequately maintain a good work-life balance. The health benefits prioritize your well being over co-pay [and deductible] costs.”
~ John Mannion, Development Project Manager

“First, the weekly schedule for property management is wonderful. It allows for a little extra day time hours on Fridays to get a jump start on the weekend. Additionally the time off at Housing Visions can’t be beat. Housing Visions offers a substantial amount of time to give employees a nice work and personal life balance.  Medical, dental and vision benefits are definitely above most.”
~ Erin Carver, Regional Property Manager

“The benefits package is where HV’s commitment to taking care of their people comes to fruition. Generous PTO (that we’re actively encouraged and reminded to use!!), a progressive holiday policy, and a comprehensive health plan that ensures my medical needs are met.”
~ AJ Sissenstein, Assistant Property Manager

“All of it is beyond any other place I have ever worked. They encourage you to take time for yourself, because mental health is just as important as everything else. You matter here.”
~ Shoshana Comerford, Property Manager

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