Housing Visions Partners with ITTIC for Trauma-Informed Care Training

Housing Visions Partners with ITTIC for Trauma-Informed Care Training

6/23/22 – The Institute on Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care (ITTIC) Takes on Syracuse, NY to Collaborate with Housing Visions

From the ITTIC website: “ITTIC project manager Megan Koury and consultant Ann Adams went to Housing Visions in Syracuse, NY to do a four-hour in-person training. Housing Visions is a nonprofit developer, general contractor, and property manager with a “mission to be the catalyst for sustainable positive change in neighborhoods through real estate development and community collaboration.” This training focused on what trauma and adversity are, how they impact the brain and trigger our survival response, and how to respond in a trauma-informed way.

ITTIC and Housing Visions are partnering to work through the trauma-informed approach and how the sequence of engagement can help impact the connections and relationships between their organization and the community they serve.”

ITTIC is part of the University of Buffalo.

“The Institute on Trauma and Trauma Informed Care is dedicated to providing the public with knowledge about the deleterious effects of trauma, and promoting the implementation of trauma informed care principles across various disciplines. Recognizing the centrality of trauma is the key to accomplishing ITTIC’s overall mission of establishing a multidisciplinary trauma informed system of care, thus ensuring that service systems are not re-traumatizing already vulnerable populations.

ITTIC oversees independent studies, field placements and funded research projects and grants that provide all or some aspects of the following: evaluation, trauma-specific treatment interventions, training, technical assistance and consultation for organizations regarding trauma informed care. In addition, ITTIC works collaboratively with other disciplines at the University of Buffalo and other academic institutions.”

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