Massachusetts Avenue Community Homes

Buffalo, New York
Date Completed

Mass Ave Community Homes, in partnership with local nonpro t PUSH, Inc., is part of an e ort to revitalize a West Side neighborhood
of Buffalo as a mixed-income, mixed-use sustainable community. This comprehensive project fits directly within the creativity, vitality and spirit of Buffalo’s Massachusetts Avenue Corridor Green Development Zone and the vision that its residents have for its future.

The MACH project utilizes a strategy that responds to the critical need for high quality a affordable housing for low and moderate-income families in the City of Buffalo. It reinforces the positive work that has been going on for several years, and works toward a comprehensive and sustainable neighborhood with opportunities for all who live here. This project includes significant new investment in high quality, affordable housing through rehabilitation of long-vacant buildings, development of new high quality in- ll housing, new commercial development, and community space within the Green Development Zone. Through its partner, PUSH Buffalo, this project has incorporated job training and employment opportunities for residents within the Green Development Zone.

To address Buffalo’s significant stormwater problems, this project involves a variety of stormwater management interventions, including rain gardens and bioswales, downspout disconnects, stormwater harvesting for two large community gardens, passive irrigation for urban agriculture sites, permeable pavers, living walls, and green roofs.