Sheridan Hollow Village

Albany, New York
Date Completed
July 2016

Sheridan Hollow Village is part of a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy to redevelop the Sheridan Hollow neighborhood into a mixed-use, mixed- income sustainable neighborhood revitalization endeavor with partnerships with Habitat for Humanity Capital District and the Touhey Home Ownership Foundation to effect broad change by creating opportunities for affordable new construction home ownership, quality rental housing, retail and commercial investments, streetscape improvements, enhanced public safety and public park restoration. A total of 41 buildings within a five block area of downtown Albany will be newly constructed or completely renovated.

With the combination of owner-occupied two-family homes, single-family homes and rental affordable apartments, Sheridan Hollow aims to attract a diverse mix of residents from different income strata to stitch together a more stable neighborhood.

The Sheridan Hollow neighborhood sits in the shadows of Albany’s state office buildings, downtown core and nearby thriving neighborhoods. Given its proximity to the city center, Sheridan Hollow has a unique ability to imprint upon the area a renewed sense of community.